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Trailer Talk gets up close and personal with Brian Hepp owner of HEPP’S Salt

Brian Hepp’s Salt Company

 • August 3, 2013 • 0 Comments
Brian Hepp behind HEPP'S salt bar at a local farmers market

Brian Hepp behind HEPP’S salt bar at a local farmers market

Brian Hepp started in medical sales, but he always knew he would be his own boss. Here he tells the story of his transition, his beginnings and why he chose to sell salt. (Also, get some of his truffle salt from his website, or Sur la Table. It’s so amazing on eggs, you’ll think you’re in heaven.)


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HEPP’S Salt Barrel stems from the passion of its founder, Brian Hepp who traveled the world searching for the finest gourmet salts in order to create his own blends.

Once discovered, the entrepreneur / salt maker extraordinaire, packaged his creations and dubbed them HEPP’S Salt Barrel. The company has a collection of imported salts which includes an assortment of flavors, textures and colors all in their purest form.

Hepp’s provides four different types of salts which they make available to consumers:

Smoked Salts – Blends with a distinct smoke wood flavor used as a marinade, rub or a finish. Available in Alderwood, Applewood, Hickory and 7 Fire Smoke.

Cooking Salts – Everyday salts used for cooking, baking and finishing meals, Hepp’s cooking salts harnesses rich, pure flavors untouched by harmful chemicals. Available in Hepp’s Red Clay Salt, Himalayan Pink, Himalayan Pink Coarse, andKosher Flake.

Finishing Salts – Collection of salts great at topping different meals, snacks, appetizers and believe it or not, deserts which help to unlock all different types of food flavors when sprinkled just before eating. Available in Hepp’s Black Lava Salt, Fleur de Sel, White Truffle, Black Truffle, and Aussie Flake.

Natural Blends – All-natural sea salt made with unprocessed ingredients used as a cooking or topping spice. Available inChipotle, Vanilla Bean, Rosemary, Spicy Curry, Thai Ginger, Roasted Garlic, Lemon, Habanero, and Ghost Pepper.

Hepp’s Salt is available in many cooking events and conventions and is also available through wholesale and saltbar locations in the Los Angeles, California area. For more information, visit their website and try their flavorful spices with your next meal!

Hepp’s Salt Co.

Venice, CA. 90291

Phone: 888-384-3570

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On June 9th HEPP’S Salt had the great opportunity to participate at Taste of the Nation in Los Angeles.  Taste of the Nation is a movement to help stop childhood hungry and is supported throughout the US by connecting families with the resources they need to provide their children with enough nutritious food, every day, to thrive.


HEPP’S was invited to attend as part of the Lexus sponsorship booth


For this event we wanted to make this a memorable experience for everyone who attended so we brought in Chef E  who we tag team with on many events and is a big supporter of HEPP’S.  Chef E brought all local organic produce and created his signature Argula Salad topped with anyone’s choice of HEPP’S Salt

HEPP'S Salt Co Presented by Lexus with Chef E

HEPP’S Salt Co Presented by Lexus with Chef E

Chef E

Chef E

IMG_0952 IMG_0951

White Balsamic Vinegar donated by Gourmet Blends

White Balsamic Vinegar donated by Gourmet Blends


All ingredients were from local farms and vendors:

Organic Arugula- Mc Grath Farms

Organic Heirloom Tomatoes- Tutti Frutti Farms

Goat Cheese- Soldad Co. ( Mojave)

Balsamic Vinegars- Gourmet Blends



HEPP'S Salt Co Presented by Lexus with Chef E

HEPP’S Salt Co Presented by Lexus with Chef E

photo-5 photo

We had a great time meeting everyone that came out and working with Lexus at this fantastic event.

Grilled Cheese Invitational? YES PLEASE!

We are so excited to announce, just confirmed this morning HEPP’S salt bar will be at the 11th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational next Saturday, April 20th 2013.  Do you love grilled cheese sandwiches and all the many fixings that can accompany it?  Then you can not miss this event, come spend the day tasting many different creations  from local venders including the infamous Grilled Cheese Truck, and professional, amateurs competing for the very BEST Grilled Cheese Sammich.

There will also be all kinds of fun contest including the “MotherLoadedEating” contest, costume contest, cooking demos, music, beer and so much more!!


Los Angeles Center Studios
1201 West Fifth Street
Los Angeles, CA 90017


Saturday, April 20th 2013

How much:

$12 in advance, $15 at the door

To Buy Tickets and find out more click the link below:

or  the official “Grilled Cheese Truck” website for ticket information 

Spice Alley Opening This Weekend at Hollywood Farmer’s Market Featuring HEPP’S Salt!

Hollywood Farmers’ Market Introduces Spice Alley

Photo by AlexeiLogvinovich via Shutterstock

Bright seasonal produce isn’t the only vibrant thing that’ll be rolling into the farmers markets this spring. The Hollywood Farmers’ Market will be opening up Spice Alley next month, offering all sorts of gourmet items with a focus on global flavors.

The joint project of SEE-LA and the EaCa Alley Property Owner’s Association, the new “Spice Alley” will feature spicy foods, spicy drinks, music and spice vendors every Sunday. They’ll be celebrating their grand opening on April 7.

The Hollywood Farmers’ Market, which runs every Sunday from 8 a.m.-1 p.m., is one of the larger, chef-driven gatherings in Los Angeles in addition to the famous Santa Monica markets.

“We envision ‘Spice Alley’ almost like a mini Moroccan spice bazaar attached to the Hollywood Farmer’s Market,” said David Gajda, property owner of the Café Etc. and St Felix buildings, in a statement to the press. “After a morning spent shopping at the Farmer’s Market, visitors can pick up some exotic spices to flavor their meals—then sit in one of EaCa Alley’s restaurant patios, enjoy some live music, have a spicy cocktail and try new dishes that’ll zing their palates.”

In terms of spices in the Alley, there’ll be smoked salts and blends from Hepps Salt Co., gourmet spiced ketchups, preserved lemons, piri-piri, and harissa from Hollywood Star Farms, grains and beans from Rice & Beans in Silver Lake, exotic teas from World Flavorz Spice & Tea, and gourmet herbs and seasonings from Zesty Herbs & Spices. Prepared eats from Berlin Currywurst, La Velvet Margarita Cantina, and others will also be available.

You can check out the SEE-LA website for more details.

Contact the author of this article or email with further questions, comments or tips.

HEPP’S Salt Bar Returning to Yamashiro’s Farmer’s Market April 4th


Gourmet Eating, Drinking Under The

Stars At Yamashiro Farmer’s Market

April 1, 2013 6:00 AM

(credit: LA City Farm)

(credit: LA City Farm)
On April 4, iconic restaurant Yamashiro will once again transform its parking lot into a nighttime farmers market with a view. More that just a place to shop for vegetables and fruit, market producer Nick Spano has created a magical night market where people gather to eat dinner and sip wine under the stars. The Thursday night gathering is family friendly and fun for all ages. Vendors include a wide range of flavors from Bolani East & West Gourmet Vegan Afghan Food and Pressed Juicery to Flat Iron Truck and Scotty B’s Hot Sauces. The market is easy to access by taking advantage of the free parking at the Mosaic Church on Hollywood and La Brea, then boarding a shuttle bus for a short ride up to Yamashiro. 

These five Yamashiro Market vendors offer not-to-be-missed dishes, beverages, and artisanal foods.

(credit: Beata Bernina)

(credit: Beata Bernina)


Heirloom LA

Ask just about anyone in LA who you trust for food recommendations and you are likely to hear one name for catering, Heirloom LA. Let’s start with two words: lasagna cupcakes. No, it is not a silly confection made to look like a piece of mom’s tomatoey goo on curly noodles. At Heirloom LA, their savory lasagna cupcakes are crafted from handmade pasta and any fresh organic vegetables or protein filling the talented chefs can dream up. Think…artichoke confit, lamb ragu, wild boar bolognese, or butternut squash and you get the idea. At Yamashiro Farmers Market the Heirloom LA truck menu board will be filled with great options of salads, pastas, and much more.

(credit: Brian Leatart)

(credit: Brian Leatart)



What began here in Los Angeles as a concept to build the best ice cream sandwich inspired by contemporary architects has evolved into a thriving business that has expanded to Austin, Dallas, Miami and New York. Their original adorable postal trucks have been redressed as ice cream trucks. So when you see one at Yamashiro or around town, be sure to line up and construct your dream ice cream sandwich – and it will be worth every calorie. It’s much less expensive that building your dream home and tastes amazing.

(credit: Amparo Rios)

(credit: Amparo Rios)



Australians are known to be somewhat obsessed with making coffee. On just about any street corner in Sydney or Melbourne, you are likely to be able to find a great cup of coffee. Thankfully, Mark Baird moved to Los Angeles to share his coffee know-how with Longshot’s mobile espresso bars. Every Thursday night at Yamashiro, order a flat white or long black (ask Mark about for a lesson on Australian coffee lingo) and sip while you savor the sunset. Longshot is available for private events and will make anything from a classic cold brew to a frothy frappe to help caffeinate your guests.

(credit: Hepp's Salt Co.)

(credit: Hepp’s Salt Co.)


Hepp’s Salt Co.

Hepp’s Salt Co. sells smoked salts, natural salt blends, cooking salts, and finishing salts as well as all natural gourmet sugars perfect for cocktails, topping desserts and more. In addition to the Yamashiro market on Thursday night Hepp’s has salt bars at several Southern California locations including Crafted at the Port of LA and the Larchmont Farmers Market.

(credit: Nuttin Butter)

(credit: Nuttin Butter)


Nuttin’ Butter Artisan Nut Butters

It’s a fact that fresh nut butters taste better than ones that have been sitting on the grocery shelf for months. Nuttin’ Butter harnesses the flavors of freshly ground nuts into fun flavor combinations. Before you leave Yamashiro Farmers Market, pick up a container of Three Amigos, which is made with almonds, peanuts and cashews. Or try the salted chocolate almond butter, or for a fun twist, the buzzed almond butter with coffee.

L.A. City Farm at Yamashiro

1999 North Sycamore Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90068

The Yamashiro Farmers Market runs every Thursday night from 5 to 9 p.m. through September.

Julie Wolfson (@juliewolfson) is a freelance writer living in Los Angeles. She covers travel, lifestyle, art, pop culture, cocktails and food for Cool Hunting and several other media outlets. Most days you’ll find her out and about in Southern California and around the world tracking down stories about talented people doing amazing things.

DID YOU KNOW… Is Kosher Kosher?

Did you know that many of our HEPP’S salts are certified kosher?  It is true and the good news doesn’t stop there all of our salts are 100% anticaking agent and chemical free.  With the Jewish passover holiday around the corner it dawned on me that many of our HEPP’S salt fans may not be aware that we can be included in kosher meals.  It got me thinking and inspired me to take a trip to my local market to see the other “Kosher salts” on the market.  What I found was just about every advertised Kosher salt on the shelf has two ingredients instead of  one salt and yellow prussiate of soda otherwise known as anticaking agents.  It got me thinking since the purpose of “kosher” is to be pure/ suitable for fitness and consumption according to the dietary or ceremonial laws is this yellow prussiate of soda really considered kosher since it is a chemical additive??  Or is putting the name Kosher on the box good enough for the big box salt companies?  Which leads me to my next point there is another meaning of kosher salt which is just having larger flakes than regular table salt so is your kosher salt really kosher??  You might want to take a look in you pantry at home and see how many ingredients are in your box of kosher salt, It should just simply say one ingredient, salt.  It can be very confusing so I decided to make it easier and less confusing for everyone below is a list of all HEPP’S sea salts that are kosher certified, and chemical free, with HEPP’S we make it easy you get 100% sea salt.

HEPP’S FLEUR DE SEL: The creme de la creme (or sel de la sel) of salts, this organic compliant salt is filled with trace minerals and is naturally low in sodium. With a rich yet delicate flavor, the world’s greatest. Chefs use it as the immaculate choice for bringing out the natural flavor in all foods!

HEPP’S RED CLAY SALT: Transform your food into a sacred experience by utilizing this traditional fusion of Hawaiian sea salt with Alea – a red Hawaiian clay used for purification and ritual. With a high mineral count and a rich brick-red color, this salt can be used in a multitude of ways including finishing, cooking and rubs. And when rubbed on meat, the mineral clay hardens, thus helping to seal in natural juices!

HEPP’S HEPP’S BLACK LAVA SALT: This Obsidian hued Hawaiian lava salt adds brilliant color and texture to any meal. This is truly a beautiful finishing salt that adds a clean taste and stunning color to any meal.

HIMALAYAN PINK: Revered for being the cleanest, purest, and healthiest salt in the world because it contains over 84 trace minerals! Throw away your ordinary salt and use this beautiful salt for all of your cooking, baking and finishing needs!

HEPP’S KOSHER FLAKE: Drawn from the Pacific Ocean, this all – natural unrefined flake is an excellent multi-purpose salt that is perfect for cooking, baking, brining and finishing.

HEPP’S SEL GRIS: From Guerande, France, this moisture rich salt is a perfect replacement for your everyday salt needs. In addition to it’s high mineral count, Sel Gris is organic complaint and lower in sodium compared to other salts! Use it for cooking, baking, brining and as a finish!

HEPP’S AUSSIE FLAKE: This delicate peach colored salt is mined directly from the Murray River Basin. Delicate and crunchy, it resembles a snowflake and is the most versatile salt you will find with it’s ability to bring out the flavor from steak to chocolate and everything in between!

Setting up HEPP’S Salt bar today at Sony Picture Studios


We had a great time today setting up our salt bar at Sony Studios today!  Enjoyed sharing our salt with Mario’s Catering for lunch today ( food was delish!) We even got an approving salute from Jon Voight!.


Today’s lunch favorites were HEPP’S Lemon Sea Salt, Applewood Smoked Sea Salt, Hawaiian Red Clay Sea Salt and of course (our favorite) the Aussie Flake Sea Salt.

You can find these and the rest of our collection of sea salts at 


A Traveling Love Affair With My Belly- Devour Mi

I was looking through some of my  old write ups on HEPP’S today and I found a few I thought I would share.  This is an excellent recipe for Mushroom Rigatoni using HEPP’S Black Truffle Sea Salt from my friends at Devour Mi.
APRIL 4, 2011
Secret Ingredient: Hepp’s Black Truffle SaltI’ve been working on a piece for the last few months about the amazingness of our Los Angeles and surrounding area Farmer’s Markets. On Friday, I walked out of the YMCA downtown and stumbled upon yet another market in our budding food city! Like a fashionista to her Manolo’s, I leaped toward the flavored salt stand.The prized buy?Hepp’s Black Truffle Sea Salt is insane! Holy cow, I can’t even tell you how delicious it tastes. It also inspired me to do the dish you see below. For $10, Hepp’s Salt Barrel creations like Applewood Smoked, Thai Ginger, & Pink Himalayan are just what you need for that extra special kick in your recipes.Drunken Mushroom Rigatoni with Hepp’s Black Truffle Sea Salt1 pint halved baby bellas

1 small onion minced

4 cloves garlic minced

2 tbsp olive oil

2 cups sherry wine

1/2 pint organic cream

1/2 cup freshly shredded parmesan

2-3 tsp Hepp’s Black Truffle Sea Salt (to taste)

3/4 box of Rigatoni

pepper to taste

Serves: 4

Clean mushrooms and dry. Heat olive oil in large skillet on medium high heat. Mince onion and garlic. Toss in onions. Reduce heat to medium low and saute for 5 minutes, add garlic. Stir and add 1 cup sherry and all mushrooms. Turn stove to med-high until sherry has reduced and has soaked into the mixture completely.

Add the remaining cup of sherry and turn down to medium in order to keep it like a sauce. We don’t want to completely cook out the sherry this time. Add all of the cream, cheese, truffle salt, and pepper to taste. Let simmer for 10 minutes while stirring occasionally.

Start pasta, drain, then sauce up your plate!

To Your Truffled Belly & Mine,





 “Trust no one unless you have eaten much salt with him.”

Every Chef or Cook should have Black Truffle Salt in their cabinet?! Seriously. We tried Black Truffle Salt the other day made by Hepps, and It made everything so buttery delicious!  Definitely great for grilling and simply adding it to your steamed veggies or fries! Have you tried Black Truffle Salt?

I think we are due for a little dinner party… Who’s in!!??

Hepp’s sells locally—and you can probably catch them at the Palisades Farmers Market on Sundays…. or check them out on line!


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