Pinch of Salt

Changing the way you think about salt.


mini grilled cheese

With the come back of the traditional grilled cheese sandwich we couldn’t help ourselves but to create one of our own.  We topped ours off with a little White Truffle salt and it took these little delicious nuggets of cheese from yummy to down right delicious. You will definitely impress your guests with this dish.


  • Loaf of brioche
  • Aged cheddar, sliced
  • sliced ham
  • HEPP’S Black or White Truffle Sea Salt


  1. Cut the loaf lengthwise into 1/2-inch slices and place slices of the aged cheddar  and ham slices in between, building 2 large grilled cheese sandwiches.
  2. Place the sandwiches directly into a panini press or side by side in a large non-stick pan. The bread has enough butter that you won’t need to butter it. Toast on both sides over medium-low heat, until bread is golden and cheese starts to ooze.
  3. Place sandwiches on a cutting board and cut into smaller pieces. Finish lightly with HEPP’S Back or White Truffle Sea Salt.

Alternative salt suggestions:   Habanero Sea Salt, Garlic Sea Salt, Applewood Sea Salt

You can find these and many more at or at our farmers market locations.



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