Pinch of Salt

Changing the way you think about salt.



My farmer’s market trips usually result in me finding something new, which is exactly what happened this Sunday.  I stumbled upon this salt booth that now I can’t wait to go back to called Hepp’s Salt. This guy had about 30 – 40 different kinds of salts and I wanted every single one. What was so great about it was how reasonably priced they were. Each bag of salt was only 5 dollars.The two salts I decided to buy this time were

the Roasted Garlic and the Hickory Smoked Salt.

These are some of the best items I have in my house. The freshness and potency of the salts are unreal. I added the hickory smoke salt to my burgers and it made it feel like I was cooking off of a coal grill. The roasted garlic salt is unlike your typical store-bought garlic salt, that is over salty with little garlic flavor. This salt was a little goes a long way kind of thing. I could open the bag and I got a rush of garlic, I really wanted to just lick the salt and call it a day, but I controlled myself. I added this salt to salads, pesto and honestly anything I could get my hands on because it is just THAT good.

If you ever get a chance to get real all natural salts you have to add it to your kitchen cabinet, you won’t regret it. Get your salt from Hepp’s here:



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